How do I clean the Miro Air Purifier (MHPure13)?

Cleaning the Top and Bottom Modules

Please wipe the exterior with a soft cloth. If you are cleaning the unit after extensive use, there will be dust on the bottom module. Please use a vacuum cleaner before cleaning with a soft cloth. 

Remove dust from the air inlet and outlet using a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft cloth and/or cotton swab if needed. 

When the exterior is dirty, use a soft detergent and soft cloth to clean the surface. Use a dry cloth to remove water.


Cleaning the fan cover

Remove the fan cover from the Top Module and use a vacuum or soft brush to clean it. The fan cover can be washed with water. 

When you wash the fan cover with water, please dry the fan cover before reassembling it back on the Top Module. 

Dry your modules completely before reassembling your Air Purifier. Water may cause permanent damage to your product. 


Cleaning the Miro Filter

Please refer to your manual and follow the instructions on how to disassemble the filter. Remove dust using a vacuum cleaner.

We recommend cleaning the filter frequently. The frequency will heavily depend on the environment the Air Purifier is operating in. 

Do not wash your filter. Washing your filter will permanently damage the filter and will require a brand new filter.


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