What's the difference between NR07 Series and NR08 Series?

Both series comes with the same components including the latest 4th generation Miro mist-maker engine. 


The difference between the two models are as follows: 

  NR07 Series NR08 Series

Analog controller

  • Controls mist output

Touch Station control

  • Controls mist output (3 levels)
  • Timer setting
  • Light setting
  • Touch station sound (On/Off)
Smart Home Capability 

MiroT chip cannot be added.

MiroT chip slot available. 

*MiroT chip is currently unavailable in the US market. We will be releasing the MiroT chip in 2021. Users will be able to connect their Miro humidifiers with their smart speakers, and use mobile application to control the humidifiers. 


Please click on the links to see details of each model:

Platform NR07G NR07S NR08M (Black/Cream White)
Amazon Link Link Link
Shopify Link Link Link


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