Miro Humidifier General Tips & Recommendations

  1. Miro recommends using the humidifier away from any other electrical appliances or any products sensitive to humidity.
  2. Always make sure to clean your humidifier and place your humidifier on a flat surface.
  3. Place your humidifier at least 2 ft away from the wall for maximum performance.
  4. Continuous operation at max output may cause water condensation around your humidifier.
  5. Miro recommends using distilled or purified water. Hard water contains minerals that may shorten the lifespan of your humidifier.
  6. Do not pull any cords by the wire. Make sure to unplug by holding the plug head.
  7. Please make sure your humidifier is disconnected from electricity when refilling or washing your humidifier.
  8. Please do not bend or pull any cables. Do not make a knot or tie the cable too tight.
  9. Keep the humidifier out of reach from children.
  10. In case of humidifier malfunction, disconnect your unit immediately and contact us at support@mirohome.com.
  11. Please be aware of your environment's humidity when using your humidifier. Highly humid environment may cause water condensation near your humidifier.
  12. We test all our units before sending them out. Please don't be alarmed if you think the product has been opened.
  13. The Mist-maker may generate a small amount of heat during operation. This is normal.
  14. Placing your humidifier on a cold surface may promote water condensation. You can place a towel underneath to prevent this situation.
  15. Miro humidifiers are extremely powerful. Please maintain low mist output. Use high output level when your environment feels dry. Change back to low when optimal humidity is met.
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