My humidifier stopped creating mist.

No LED light on the control knob, control panel, or electrical wall adapter:

  • Please make sure every cable is plugged correctly.  Sometimes the cable gets loosened while assembling.

LED light is on(either red or green) or the power is on the control touch panel:

  • Check your floating base: If your floating base(the white hemisphere doughnut-shaped part) is leaked and has water inside, the unit will not float in the right depth and stops creating any mist. If this is the case, please contact with your purchase information and order ID.
  • Check your mist-maker fan part. If the mist-maker fan part is not assembled correctly or misplaced, then your humidifier will not create any mist. If this is the problem, please assemble that correctly.  

Adjusting the floating base and assembling fan part does not solve my problem: 

  • Please contact
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