Main Unit Assembly

The Main Unit comes assembled. Please disassemble the main unit following these steps :

  • Grab the top of the Outer Funnel and rotate counter-clockwise.
  • Disassemble and take apart Outer Funnel, Inner Funnel, and Floating Base

Please check to see if you have all the modules.

Ensure the grooves of the Mist-maker engine line up with the positioning of the "fins" in the Floating Base. The wires should maintain a 90 degree angle.

Ensure that the "IN" sign is facing the Mist-maker and the arrow facing down. Push the fan inside the groove. Do not force it in.

  • Place the rubbery edge clip part into the groove of the floating base.
  • Line up Inner Funnel groove on top of the fan and push it down.
  • Place the Outer Funnel on top of the Inner Funnel. Gently twist the Outer Funnel to hold it into place.

Click the Inner Vapor Cap into the Main Unit.

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