Main Unit Assembly

Assembling the Main Unit of the NR08 Series:

The Main Unit of the NR08 comes assembled. In order to begin, you must disassemble the Main Unit by grabbing the top of the Outer Funnel and twisting right. Once completed, take apart the Outer Funnel, Inner Funnel, and Floating Base.


Mist-maker placement:

To begin placing the Mist-maker, ensure that the grooves of the Mist-maker are positioned with the "fins" in the bottom of the Floating Base. Make sure that the wires do not block the top of the Mist-Maker.


Fan Placement:

In order to place the fan into the humidifier, make sure that the "IN" sign is facing the Mist-maker with the arrow facing down.


Cable Placement:

Place the rubbery edge clip part into the groove of the floating base.


Inner Funnel Placement:

To place the Inner Funnel, line up the Inner Funnel groove on top of the fan and push it down.


Outer Funnel Placement:

Gently place the Outer Funnel on top of the Inner Funnel. After doing so, twist the Outer Funnel to hold it into place.


Splash Guard Placement:

This is optional to the functioning of the humidifier. Locate the arrow on the Splash Guard and drop it into the funnel. The Splash Guard can minimize the effects of condensation around the humidifier.


Inner Vapor Cap placement:

To place the Inner Vapor Cap unto the humidifier, click the Inner Vapor Cap into the Main Unit.


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