Main Unit Assembly

Assembling the Main Unit of the NR07 Series (NRO7G and NRO7S):

To begin, grab the Outer Funner of the Main Unit and twist right.  Proceed to disassemble and take apart the Outer Funnel, Inner Funnel, and Floating Base. Once complete, check that you have have the other module attachments– Outer Funnel, Inner Vapor Cap, Inner Funnel, Splash Guard, Floating Base, and Maker. 


Mist-maker placement of the NR07 Series (NRO7G and NRO7S):

Begin by making sure the grooves of the Mist-maker line up with the positioning of the "fins" in the bottom of the floating base. Make sure that the cable wire is not blocking the top of the mist maker. Make sure to not pull cable to0 hard and to treat the fan with care failure to do so could result in damage to the product.


Fan Placement:

Make sure that the  "IN" sign is facing the Mist-maker with the arrow facing down. Gently click the fan inside the groove.


Cable Placement:

Gently place the rubbery edge of the clip into the groove that is located on the floating base.


Inner-Funnel Placement:

Carefully line up the Inner-funnel groove on top of the fan proceed to push it down.


Outer-Funnel Placement: 

Begin by placing the Outer-funnel on top of the Inner-funnel. In order to hold it into place, gently twist the Outer-Funnel.


Splash Guard Placement (Optional):

 The following step is optional to the functional operation of the NR07 Series (NRO7G and NRO7S). In order to place splash guard unto the unit attach the Inner Vapor Cap unto the Main Unit. 





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