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My humidifier is not producing any mists
My humidifier is not producing any mists

My humidifier is not making any mists. My humidifier stops making mists after a while even though I didn't turn it off.

Written by Miro Man
Updated over a week ago

This issue occurs when:

  1. The mist maker engine was damaged during cleaning or maintenance or is a defect.

  2. Power adapter is broken.

If you purchased your humidifier more than six months ago, you will have to purchase a new mist maker engine. This issue will most likely be resolved by purchasing a new mist maker engine.

If your humidifier was purchased within the last six months, and falls under our limited-warranty, we can help you submit a free warranty order.

To assist with your warranty claim, kindly send us a video in the chat module similar to the one shown here: Reference Video. It's essential that your video closely matches the reference, as we need to see the engine working to determine if there's an issue with the fan or mist production. We also need your Order ID as well as the date you purchased your humidifier or replacement fan. Please also make sure your profile is updated with the latest mailing address on our website

When cleaning the mist maker engine, it’s important to handle it with care(clean it as if you are cleaning an egg) to avoid any damage to the unit. This way, you can ensure that the mist maker engine is not damaged while cleaning it.

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